Hi guys, 

It’s been a while! We are really sorry our little blog has become so neglected, but you guys have stuck by us all this time. 

I’m currently in the final weeks of my last year of high school so it is a stressful time with the due dates for exams and design portfolios getting closer and closer.

Just wanted to let you guys know that we will be back really soon, better and bigger than ever. Hold on for a little bit and we will be back to a post a day like we used to.

Thanks for all your support! 



SWATCHED: Revlon Stormy

who; Revlon

what; Stormy – A greyish beige . . . fine, I’ll say it – greige.

where; another Ozsale.com.au bargain!

price; $4 give or take for postage

I don’t know why I’ve overlooked Revlon polishes for this long – I’ve been missing out! You see, I’m sort of an elitist when it comes to . . . well, life. I would walk past Revlon in the aisles of a pharmacy and think, “Pfft, Revlon. Give me an OPI or Chanel anyday.” I believed that Revlon was a waste of my time, and money.

Which you might think odd because Revlon polishes are meant to be cheap ‘drugstore’ polish. A good inexpensive alternative to your Chanels and OPI’s. When really, they’re only around 4-5 dollars cheaper than your 20 dollar OPI. So really, they’re not that cheap at all. So when I saw them for 4 each, I put my judgements aside and bought some cheap polish!

Okay, onto the swatch. Stormy is the perfect neutral grey toned beige. It’s neat, elegant and quite a mature polish, I think. The formula is really good, quick drying and has a really shiny finish. It claims to dry in 60 seconds but I am not quite sure about that. I did notice that with each layer I put on they did dry quickly and didn’t do that annoying smudge thing that happens when it hasn’t fully dried.

Overall I am really impressed with Stormy and Revlon as a whole. I don’t think I would pay retail for it, but I don’t really pay retail for anything. I’m too much of a cheapskate! But if I see Revlon going for four dollars again, I’m definitely in!



NAILED: The Burning Desire

Today, I spent the whole day looking at my white nails and thinking of Excuse Moi. It’s all I could think of. I just had the burning desire to slather the pink glittery goodness that is Excuse Moi all over my chic white nails. So when I got home from work, I did.

The first layer was actually slightly awkward. See, I wanted it to be a thin layer of the glitter so it would dry a pretty light pink. The problem is, I did the layer too thin so some white was showing through. So then when I tried to fix that up by doing another layer I ended up with different shades of pink on each nail. Cool when you’re doing an ombre nail, not cool when you want it to be uniform.

So I ended up just doing one thick layer, which I think ended up looking like I just did a lot of layers of Excuse Moi. Still pretty, because that’s what Excuse Moi is . . . just not as exciting and original as I had wanted. You win some, you lose some!


SWATCHED: Revlon White on White

who; Revlon

what; White on White – a regular white creme!

where; another Ozsale.com.au bargain!

price; $4 give or take for postage

So . . . our little blog has been a tad neglected lately. Quite like my nails. They’re chipped, peeling and gross so I really haven’t been wanting to look at them, let alone take pictures of them! Let’s hope we get a few posts up in the next few weeks, just to make it a little less lonely over here!

When placing our Ozsale order (when they had a Revlon sale) I was keen to get a plain white. Ours is too old to willingly admit and getting beyond thick and goopy. So I chose to include White on White in our little haul. When it came in the mail and I actually got around to trying it out, which is right now in between studying, I was kind of disappointed.

The thing that left a lot to be desired was the formula. I can’t stand it! It’s thick and streaky, and doesn’t go on smoothly whatsoever. It’s just like Alpine Snow and that’s not a good thing. Alpine Snow is like 6 years old!

I don’t know if a nice formulated white creme actually exists, because the ones I’ve tried are all like this. Too thick and really annoying to work with. Which sucks because I kind of like the look of all white nails!

The colour is fine, it’s white . . . that’s about it! I just wish it went on nicely. If you have a white polish that you think is pretty good, tell me about it and I’ll have to try it out. This was also one of the first Revlon polishes I used. Not a good first impression!

THE VERDICT: White on White? NAILED.


SWATCHED: China Glaze Paper Chasing

First off, I’d just like to apologise for my lack of contribution to the blog! I’m afraid with school and everything, our little blog has been a little neglected, mostly by me. Now that it’s the weekend however, I thought it was a good chance to write a new post.

Bear with us over the coming weeks, we will try to update as much as possible!

Now to the swatch!

who; China Glaze

what; Paper Chasing – a metallic bright green

where; another Ozsale.com.au bargain!

price; $6 give or take for postage

After stocking up on a stack load of greens to even out our collection, this one stands out the most for me. Its a bright, vivid green with a subtle shimmer and shine, with a metallic finish. Personally, I’ve never really been a big fan of green polish, I just think it looks weird with my skin, but with Paper Chasing, I have to admit, looks really nice.

How bright is this green in the sun?! It’s amazing. I love it. It’s not your average run of the mill green, it really has something special with the shine and the metallic finish. The consistency, though pretty thin at first, is really easy to work with and doesn’t show up streaks and brush strokes like most metallics do. China Glaze has really struck gold with this one.

In the shade, however, this colour suddenly changes. The metallic is gone, and it becomes very shimmery, maybe even with a hint of a jelly finish? It really is an awesome colour. For once it doesn’t look gross and sickly on my olive skin, but actually stands out and for once, complements it!

As you can probably tell, I love this colour. Definitely worth a buy in my book. China Glaze have really surprised me with this one, and I am so glad that we splurged on a whole bunch of polishes just so I could get my hands on this beauty!



NAILED: Pink and Grey

Just a quick ‘Nail of the Day’, with such an awesome and creative title! Kidding, by the way. Anyway, I saw a girl with grey and pink nails, but the pink was only on two of her nails on each hand. It just looked so interesting and a much less played out version of the ‘accent’ nail!

So instead of using dark grey and bright neon pink I chose slightly more muted versions of the two, using Strawberry Smoothie and Recycle! These two colours go really well with each other and look a lot more feminine and pretty than the manicure I saw which looked tough and bright!

Sorry for lack of posts, hopefully more coming up this week! Have a good weekend!

SWATCHED: China Glaze Innocence

who; China Glaze

what; Innocence – a light baby pink creme

where; And again – Ozsale.com.au

price; around the $6 dollar mark! Including postage!

I think baby pink is just one of those nail polish colours I always think, ‘Ooh! That’s pretty, I’ll get that’ and then buy it, not stopping to think if it’s similar to some polishes I already have . . . which Innocence is. It’s a light baby pink that’s pretty standard, really. I think it’s considered a french manicure shade as well as your standard sort of ‘natural’ manicure. I think I have two other polishes just like it in our collection.

The formulation of this is pretty good, compared to the other two (which are NYC Color Pink Cheeks and OPI’s Got a Date To-Knight!) which are both fairly thin. This one was very thin, as those light cremes always are so the finish is a bit sheer and you can still see a bit of the nail underneath. I did three coats for this swatch and I think next time I’ll do a few more, I just can’t stand the visible nail line!

The colour is nice, of course, but I just kind of feel like it doesn’t have much to it. It’s just a simple pink creme. Where’s the subtle shimmer or the sweet jelly finish? Where’s the BAM! exciting part? Why so serious, Innocence?

I think overall, Innocence is just a bit too innocent for my liking. It’s too standard and too average. I’m all for a nice neutral and a toned down polish, but come on! Give me something to work with! I even tried different (slightly odd) lighting to try and make it look better. It didn’t.


SWATCHED: China Glaze Recycle

who; China Glaze

what; Recycle – a dark grey creme with subtle shimmer

where; And again – Ozsale.com.au

price; around the $6 dollar mark! Including postage!

This is the kind of polish I was talking about when I wrote the ‘End of an Era‘ post. These kind of tough looking neutrals, the greys and the taupes. So pretty. Recycle is a dark grey, but in different lighting it seems to turn into a few different shades! One of them being this sort of brown-grey, a very taupe grey, actually! And then in other lighting it looks a lot more grey with this subtle silver shimmer. Really nice!

The formulation of Recycle is really good! I did this swatch with three coats and it dried quickly and evenly, and didn’t get any marks or dents throughout the night. I thought it was a tiny bit thin to start of with but it wasn’t at all once I did a few more.

Overall I really like this colour. I think I would love a pure dark grey with no hint of taupe but this is still really nice for my taupe polish fix. It’s a nice dark neutral for winter if you’re willing to let your nails looks  bit like the sky in a cloudy thunderstorm! Well that’s what it reminds me of, anyway. In a good way, of course.


Polish Junkie Issues

At one point in a nail bloggers life, one single issue arises. Okay, there are quite a few issues (some of them including: ‘I don’t have any polishes to swatch!’ and ‘Are caviar manicures too mainstream?’) but the biggest one is: storage. There comes a time when you can’t just stuff them in a box or one draw, you need a whole group of boxes and maybe even a whole wall.

We used to store our polishes in a blue box, all neat and zipped up. Now, it’s gotten a little out of hand. We’ve taken over the bottom shelf of a cupboard and the messiness is stressing me out. There’s polish, remover and cotton buds everywhere and I think it’s time to take our obsession to the next level.

And that next level requires much needed advice from all you fellow beauty/polish junkies. We want to know how you girls store your polishes? A disgusting cupboard like ours?

A nifty set of drawers from Ikea like Temptalia?

Or maybe even a gorgeous wall rack built by a very giving (and possibly bribed?) loved one like Definitely Addicted?

However you store your nail polishes, we want to know. Are those Amazon racks worth the splurge or should we just go to Ikea? Should I ask a few more questions or stop now? I think I’ll stop. Here’s a picture of The Beauty Lookbook’s awesome nail polish solution to make up for all my questioning.

Okay I did just put this in because of all those Chanel polishes.

Help a fellow junkie out and tell me how you store you polishes!


Versatile Blogger Award

So, I’ll be honest here – I don’t actually know what the Versatile Blogger Award actually is (so if anyone knows where it originated, etc I’d love to know!) but all of a sudden we got a few comments saying we’d been nominated. SWEET! Erin and I have only been blogging for a short time now, so every single view and comment excites us, let alone award nominations! I like how with these nominations you get to check out other blogs and learn a little bit more about the people behind the posts! So thank you very much to:

  • LipstickandStilletos – she can speak 5 different languages and has been playing piano for 10 years. COOL! I’d love to speak another language let alone 5!
  • Bewitchery – This cool vegetarian, Doc collecting, photo taking beauty blogger posts awesome in-depth reviews!
  • Top of the Coat – A very sweet nail blogger takes awesome pics and has some really cute nail designs!
  • All Things Gemma – Loving her nail art – especially the cupcake ones!

The Rules:

– Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to     blogging.
– Let them know that you have nominated them.
– Share 7 random facts about yourself.
– Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you.
– Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post.

Now onto our nominated bloggers!

And now for the 7 random facts!

  1. Erin and I collect Converse shoes and own more than we’d like to admit!
  2. I have an obsession with England, the Royal family and everything British.
  3. I’m obsessed with burgers. Finding the best one, the best recipe, all of it.
  4. I go through stages with food obsessions – certain cereals, ice creams, etc.
  5. I have an obsessing personality . . . as you might have guessed 😉
  6. I wish there was something I completely dominated at. Like ice hockey or ballet or something.
  7. I don’t understand the need to write ‘Paris’ and ‘France’ and have the Eiffel tower on every home deco item on the planet. Even the French aren’t that obsessed with France.

Well, it’s been fun, guys – and those nominated, feel free to join in! And those not nominated . . . it’s okay, we love you too.